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Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, will wear red hair at the wedding ceremony and show off her hairstyle in a new video

<p>Today, January 3, is Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan’s wedding day. Her lifelong partner Nupur Shikhare will be her husband. Ira was seen running to the salon the day before her wedding to have her hair done for the event. Ira was seen by the paparazzi wearing a skirt and a basic t-shirt. She was spotted greeting the photographers while wearing a vivid red hairstyle.</p>
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<p>Ira was seen leaving the salon and posing for a few pictures with the cameras in a video that was posted on Instagram. As they congratulated her on her special day, she thanked them. Check out the video below:</p>
<p>Ira and Nupur are getting married in a Maharashtrian-style wedding to celebrate his origins, an exclusive source recently informed News18. According to our source, the majority of the jewelry purchases were made at a well-known Matunga establishment that specializes in traditional styles and pieces. On the other hand, the culinary menu will have a diverse selection.</p>
<p>The Khan family is thrilled because they will be ringing in the new year with a big celebration, an insider informs us. On January 3, Ira and Nupur will tie the knot at the opulent Taj Lands End Hotel in Bandra. Then, between January 6 and January 10, there will be two welcoming events, one in Delhi and one in Jaipur.</p>
<p>Nupur allegedly moved into her father’s home during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, which is when Ira and Nupur first became together. Since Nupur works as a trainer by trade, their connection was first restricted to assisting her with her fitness. But after several in-depth talks, love eventually grew between the two. Following a race and an engagement ceremony held the previous year, Nupur proposed to her.</p>

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