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Abraham Ozler Teaser: Jayaram To Play A Police Officer In This Enthralling Crime Drama

<p>Abraham Ozler, the director Midhun Manuel Thomas’s next film, is expected to delight audiences. The movie’s trailer, which was just released, is going viral in Malayalam theaters. The teaser teases actor Jayaram, who plays a policeman, making a big reappearance. The captivating teaser presents the guilty lead character who, for some reason, never stops feeding a convicted criminal. Jayaram, who’s most known for comedic parts, portrays an insomniac in this movie. According to his character, there is nowhere in hell for those who are similar to him. When he is given an intractable case, the narrative takes an intriguing turn. It highlights an underlying emotional narrative in the movie while also showcasing a comprehensive police investigation headed by Jayaram’s character. The ensemble cast of the movie includes some well-known actors who had significant parts, such as Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Senthil Krishna, Jagadeesh, and many more.</p>
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<p>Garuda Mana Renowned Vrishabha Vahana The film’s soundtrack was composed by Midhun Mukundan, while Shameer Muhammad and Theni Eswar handled the cinematography and editing, respectively. Mammootty is anticipated to make a surprise guest appearance in the movie as well. Mammootty’s comment about “Devil’s alternative” at the conclusion of the teaser indicates that he will appear in the movie.</p>
<p>The Abraham Ozler team decided to donate the funds to Mathew, a 15-year-old dairy farmer in Kerala, instead of carrying out their original plan to have a trailer premiere event to reveal the promo. Food sickness caused Mathew to lose thirteen cows. A sizable amount was also contributed by actors like Mammootty and Prithviraj to support the little child and his family.</p>
<p>On January 11, Abraham Ozler will be available. Mahesh Babu and Jayaram will co-star in the Telugu movie Guntur Kaaram. Following their 2012 film Thuppaki, Jayaram and Thalapathy Vijay are reuniting for Venkat Prabhu’s film The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT).</p>

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