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Grand Music Launch of the Heartwarming Love Song “Munda” by Anuja Sahai and Umesh Giri on Kamakhya Muzic

Kamakhya Muzic is delighted to announce the grand music launch of the enchanting love song “Munda,” featuring the dynamic duo of Anuja Sahai and Joginder Bokken. Singers Anuja Sahai and Umesh Giri have lent their beautiful voices to this soulful track.


The album was launched in the presence of the renowned producer and filmmaker Rakesh Dang Sir. The music and lyrics of “Munda” are crafted by the talented Umesh Giri, adding a unique and melodious touch to the song. The song’s choreography is expertly handled by Yagnesh Maaru, along with Cinemagiri as DOP and editing by Faisal Siddiqui. The visionary behind the entire project is director Satyendrra Chauuhan. The song is released under the prestigious label Kamakhya Muzic.


Anuja Sahai, one of the featured artists, expressed her excitement about the song, describing it as cute and cheerful. She revealed that the entire team was eager to start the year with this delightful composition. Anuja credited the inception of the valuable New Year launch idea to Producer Sanjay Raole Sir. Her previous hit, “Bajwa Shehnai,” launched during Diwali, continues to be a favorite during wedding seasons. The team is optimistic that their new song, “Munda,” will resonate just as well with the audience.


Joginder Bokken, another integral part of the project, extended his gratitude for the opportunities provided. He acknowledged that initially, stepping into the love role required some time, but once he immersed himself, everything proceeded smoothly throughout the shoot.


Umesh Giri shared his philosophy behind creating music, emphasizing the importance of establishing a connection with the audience. He believes that the essence of their work lies in people being able to relate to and connect with their songs. “Aapki ye Mohabbat hamare Ehsaas ka kaam karti hai aur jab bajti hain aapki yeh khanak daar taliyan, toh woh sabhi kalakaron ke liye Dabar Chyamanprash ka kaam kartin hain,”he expressed.


Choreographer Yagnesh Maaru praised Anuja Sahai’s dedication and talent, highlighting that this song’s choreography was planned even before “Bajwa Shehnai.” Despite the challenges, including the scorching June heat during the Rajasthan shoot, the entire crew worked tirelessly to bring this project to life. Yagnesh commended the team’s commitment, emphasizing that not a single complaint was made, showcasing their dedication to their craft.


“Munda” promises to be a chart-topping love song that will resonate with audiences across the globe. Kamakhya Muzic invites music lovers to join in the celebration of this musical masterpiece that marks the beginning of a promising year.


Notably, Kamakhya Muzic Studio has relocated to Moria Landmark 1, Andheri West, from which “Munda” has been launched. The studio is open to all the budding artists, actors, singers, and dancers, providing a platform to showcase their talent. Aspiring artists are encouraged to reach out to Kamakhya Muzic Studio for opportunities.

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