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Dance Inc. India Unveils “The Indie Club”: A Dazzling Showcase of Artistic Brilliance and Diversity in Dance

Ahmedabad, 3nd Feb 2024 – Dance Inc. India proudly presented the grand finale of its Certification In Movement Arts (CIMA) program – “The Indie Club.” The event, held on February 2nd at Rhaen Basera Amphitheatre, Ahmedabad, featured a 1.5-hour dance extravaganza, captivating audiences with a theme of “club fight.”

As India’s premier dance company, Dance Inc. India, grounded in the belief of the profound expression of artistic movement, envisioned and brought to life the Certification In Movement Arts (CIMA) program. This 9-month program, a cutting-edge dance ground, served as a nurturing hub for abundant talent in the country. Notably, CIMA stood proud as the only dance program in India offering both international and Indian dance forms, guided by an exceptional faculty from diverse regions.


Performers: Seven outstanding students—Ananya Jain, Aakash Lakhangaonkar, Khushi Khemnani, Resham Kanjani, Vidhi Choksi, Vaibhavi Adesara, and Devraj Ramnani—mentored by Aakash Vanzara, showcased their exceptional dance prowess.


Faculty: Renowned artists Mr. Gopal Agarwal and Mr. Jay Modi provided exceptional choreography.


Company Members: Five distinguished members, including Pareejat Shah, Sanjana Kotak, Ritu Changlani, Kumpal Jadav, and Vanshika Sawlani, enriched the performance.


Gopal Agarwal, Artistic Director of Dance Inc. India, shared his enthusiasm:‘The Indie Club’ is a culmination of months of dedication and passion from our students, faculty, and company members. It’s a celebration of the diverse and powerful expressions that dance can embody. Each performance tells a unique story, and we are thrilled to share this journey with our audience.”

Student Voices:

Ananya Jain expressed, “Being part of ‘The Indie Club’ was a transformative experience. The theme of ‘club fight’ allowed us to explore different dimensions of expression, and it’s an honour to share our stories through dance.


Aakash Lakhangaonkar added, “The guidance from our mentors and the collaborative energy among the students made this journey unforgettable. ‘The Indie Club’ is not just a performance; it’s an emotional and artistic journey.”


In this dazzling culmination, “The Indie Club” not only showcased exceptional dance talent but also symbolised the culmination of dedication, passion, and the indomitable spirit of artistic expression. The audience was taken on an emotional and artistic journey, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant landscape of contemporary dance in India.

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