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Kotak General Insurance empowers women drivers with car insurance plans and 24×7 roadside assistance services

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: Kotak General Insurance, an insurance provider in India is proud to empower women drivers with its car insurance plans, accompanied by add-on cover like 24×7 roadside assistance services.

Kotak General Insurance recognises the importance of offering insurance products and services that helps women to empower so that more women take the wheel and contribute to the world of automobile. Kotak General Insurance aims to empower women drivers with the confidence and support they need on the roads. With car insurance plans and 24×7 roadside assistance services, Kotak General Insurance aims to provide women drivers with a sense of security.

Key features of women-centric car insurance initiative

Some of the key features of women-centric car insurance initiatives are highlighted:

Car insurance plans

Women drivers may have distinct preferences and needs when it comes to car insurance. Car insurance plans offer coverage options that take into account the specific concerns and priorities of women on the road.

Affordable premiums

Recognising the diverse driving patterns and preferences among women drivers ensures that insurance plans are not only designed for individual needs but also remain affordable and competitive.

Roadside assistance services

In addition to specialised insurance plans, comprehensive 24×7 roadside assistance services for women drivers such as towing, emergency fuel delivery, flat tyre assistance and car lockout support ensure that help is just a call away.

Empowerment workshops

Beyond insurance coverage empowering women drivers with knowledge and skills such as empowerment workshops is a key component for safe driving practices and handling emergencies on the road.

Digital safety features

Leveraging technology, incorporates digital safety features into its women-centric car insurance plans. This may include GPS tracking, emergency contact integration and app-based safety tools that provide an added layer of security.

Kotak General Insurance aims not only to provide financial safety but also to foster a supportive and empowering environment for women drivers by introducing these women-centric car insurance plans and roadside assistance services. The women-centric car insurance plans and 24×7 roadside assistance services stand as a testimony to Kotak General Insurance’s commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive driving experience for women.

About Kotak General Insurance

At Kotak General Insurance, we believe in being a partner in our customer’s journey, ensuring that they have the right coverage for their unique needs. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that protect what matters the most to them.

Kotak General Insurance was established to service the growing non-life insurance segment in India. The company aims to cater to a wide range of customer segments & geographies offering an array of non-life insurance products like Motor, Health, Home, etc. As a practice, the company seeks to provide a differentiated value proposition through customised products and services leveraging state-of-the-art technology and digital infrastructure.

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