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“Highly Anticipated Artificial Intelligence Thriller ‘IRaH’ Hits Indian Theaters After U/A Certification”

Mumbai, India– The highly anticipated artificial intelligence film “IRaH” under the banner of Big Films Media DCreative Studios LLP is finally releasing in India today. The journey to the big screen has been marked by challenges, but as Producer and Director, Sam Bhattacharjee, reflects, ” “IRaH faced delays with the censor board, but it’s now set for release on Friday, with more theaters joining in over the weekend. 


The movie has already released in the UK and USA, which gives hope for a good outcome. Indian theaters are now working hard to fit it into their schedules, even though they were unsure about it before. Despite the challenges, the team is staying positive, especially since the movie got a UA rating from CBFC, meaning it’s good to go. With support growing both internationally and in India, there’s a lot of excitement for its release. This shows how the team didn’t give up and worked together to get IRaH to audiences around the world


Starring a stellar cast including superstar Rohit Bose Roy, alongside esteemed actors Rajesh Sharma and Karishma Kotak, along with Hollywood talents Fagun Thakrar and Ameet Chana of “Bend it Like Beckham” fame, “IRaH” promises a captivating narrative exploring cultural diversity and the ethical implications of technology.


Despite the setback, the “IRaH” team remains undeterred in their commitment to delivering a compelling cinematic experience to audiences nationwide. While the original release date was postponed due to the unavailability of a censor viewing date, efforts are underway to secure a pan-India release on the 19th of March, pending censor clearance.


The film has already garnered a positive response in the United Kingdom, where several shows are sold-out in advance, setting the stage for its Indian debut.


As anticipation builds, audiences can look forward to a thought-provoking narrative and gripping performances that promise to leave a lasting impression.


About “IRaH”:

“IRaH” is an artificial intelligence thriller directed by Sam Bhattacharjee, featuring a dynamic ensemble cast led by Rohit Bose Roy. Exploring themes of cultural diversity and the ethical implications of technology, the film promises to engage audiences with its thought-provoking narrative and gripping performances.

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