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Technology of Re-Alive Human

Faridabad, Haryana – 11 June 2024 – Imagine a world where, five years from now, when a loved one passes away, you can bring them back to life for a short period. This groundbreaking promise comes from Indian scientist Anand Jaiswal, who is working on a revolutionary technology that could reanimate the deceased, even if only for a short while.

Yes, you heard it right! Anand Jaiswal claims he is developing a technology that can bring dead people back to life. The credibility of this claim is reinforced by his monumental discovery at a young age—the “Theory of Invention”—and his book titled The Godfather of Invention. This book is said to have the potential to turn readers into scientists and inventors.

“I’m sharing this so you understand just how passionate and focused Anand Jaiswal is about his ambitions. His Theory of Invention has significantly helped him in developing this re-alive human technology, and we are hopeful that within the next five years, he will succeed in bringing this vision to reality,” a close associate remarked.

Anand Jaiswal’s life story is as inspiring as his inventions. Like many of us, he comes from a humble background and studied in a government school. He dreamt of becoming a scientist when he was in 10th grade, and despite facing academic failures and financial hardships that forced him to drop out of college, he never gave up on his dreams. Today, he stands as a successful scientist and author.


Jaiswal’s ambitious project, named “TARHI” (Technology of Re-Alive Important Humans), seeks to bring back important individuals temporarily. He is currently looking for scientists and doctors who are also versed in Sanskrit, as well as investors to support this revolutionary project. The required technology and experimental costs are significant, and Jaiswal is seeking financial backing to ensure its success.

In an astonishing announcement, Anand Jaiswal has challenged all IIT students, teachers, and professors to disprove his Theory of Invention. If anyone can prove his theory wrong, he promises to reward them with a prize of 1 crore INR.

For more information or to support Anand Jaiswal’s groundbreaking work, please contact him at:


Anand Jaiswal  
Phone: 9650621440

For further inquiries or to schedule an interview, please contact Anand Jaiswal at or #8799763700 #9650621440

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