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VRD Tractor: The World’s Most Advanced Pure Electric, Autonomous, AI-Powered Tractor

As the world’s first pure electric, autonomous, AI-powered tractor, VRD Tractors is transforming the agricultural sector with cutting-edge designs and technology. 

“VRD Tractor is a bootstrapped startup committed to providing sustainable agricultural solutions that maximize farm yields, support environmental sustainability, and enhance farmers’ livelihoods,” said Siddharth Gupta, Founder & CEO of VRD Tractor. “We have received strong interest from hundreds of farmers ready to adopt our technology, and our team is excited to support them in enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of their farming operations.”

Traditional farming is labor-intensive, relying heavily on manual labor and machinery. Modern farmers face numerous challenges, including labor shortages, climate impacts, safety concerns, increased demand for sustainable practices. These issues often result in unequal resource access, causing delays, inaccuracies, and poor harvests.

VRD Tractor offers groundbreaking solutions with its pure electric, autonomous, AI-powered, and data-driven technology, enhancing labor productivity, safety, livelihoods, and yields while reducing overhead time, costs, and emissions. Diesel tractors consume 15 times more fuel than an average car, emitting 43 metric tons of carbon annually—15 times that of a typical car. In contrast, VRD Tractor’s electric design produces zero fuel-combustion emissions.

The VRD Tractor features an all-wheel electric drivetrain, delivering continuous power ranging from 10HP to 100HP. Its large battery offers 8-10 hours of operating time under normal conditions and 5-6 hours under high workloads. The battery system has a 10-year lifespan and takes up to five hours to recharge.

Capable of operating with or without a driver, the VRD Tractor employs advanced hardware and software for driver-assist and driver-optional functions. It can autonomously perform farming tasks or follow a worker in the field, ensuring safety with driverless operation capabilities. Precision agriculture, autonomy, and AI integration reduce chemical usage, benefiting the soil, farmers’ profitability, and consumers. 

The VRD Tractor includes comprehensive safety features such as rollover protection, slippage control, and 360° cameras for continuous safe operation. It can halt operations if its vision system detects a human or an unidentified object obstructing its path.

Data-driven and compatible with smart implements, the VRD Tractor makes real-time adjustments for optimal field operation accuracy. It collects data with every mile driven, securely storing it in the VRD cloud for future performance improvements. Farmers can monitor field operations, receive alerts, weather updates, detailed reports, and analyses for efficient farm planning via a smartphone or personal system.

About VRD Tractor

VRD Tractor is dedicated to maximizing farm yield profitability, promoting environmental sustainability, and improving farmers’ livelihoods.

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