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Rukinder Kumar Unveils Stunning Edits at Bangalore Times Fashion Week

The “Rukinder Kumar” logo appears in white against a black screen, setting the backdrop for the event. A single line follows: “Indulge Timeless Elegance.” Suddenly, the screen lights up, revealing a slate-colored runway paraded by models gracefully clad in glorious elegance for the next 20 minutes.

This was Rukinder Kumar’s first time showcasing at the esteemed Bangalore Times Fashion Week. Holding her own amidst industry bigwigs, the designer in Bangalore revealed her splendid creations in style on the big stage—dancing the line effortlessly between tradition and the contemporary.

Rukinder Kumar’s runway extravaganza featured a mix of two collections, the Cocktail Party Edit and a new range called Glisten. Talking about the Cocktail Party Edit, she said, “It’s your perfect accomplice for an evening celebration, your entry to a night full of cherished memories.”

The edit featured Rukinder Kumar’s mastery of the craft, shining through her inventive interpretations of the designer sarees, evening gowns, and party wear skirts. Notable pieces included the Ivory Cascade Saree, its luxurious frills beautifully complemented by a corset blouse adorned with stone embroidery, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity, and the Emerald Whisper Gown, in a deep shade of regal green, perfectly balancing subtle allure with grace. These pieces are ideal for cocktail party outfits and engagement party dresses.

Glisten was another story altogether. Its rosy champagne hues splashed on the runway, adding a touch of warm festivity to the style soiree. “Trust your senses if Glisten reminds you of rosy champagne,” said Rukinder with a smile, adding, “Champagne is a symbol of universal celebration, and I wanted Glisten to embody that emotion.”

Rukinder’s new collection dresses are styled to perfection with intricate cutwork, detailed ornate embroidery, an ombre of black turning blue, and warm rosy champagne hues. “I’m still working out the names for each outfit with the team. Stay tuned!” she said with a chuckle.


A Story of Investment, Friendship, and Trust

By Rukinder Kumar’s side is her lifelong friend and co-founder, CEO of the label, Komal Arora. Komal, a leading entrepreneur in India’s wealth management sector, is the primary investor in this venture. Recognized for her keen eye in identifying promising opportunities, she sees immense potential in this business. Komal’s decision to invest and diversify her portfolio with this venture stems from her confidence in its scope and promise. Her business acumen and strategic insight have been pivotal, providing the solid foundation on which the label stands. “While I design, Komal makes the numbers work to bring all of this to life,” said Rukinder Kumar.

“I’m just getting started,” added the designer. “We’ve just launched another label called Fawn24. While Rukinder Kumar reimagines traditions for the modern Indian woman, Fawn24 is about rediscovering the joy of dressing up with a fresh take on Western styles.”

Discover Rukinder Kumar’s stellar styles through a luxurious walk-in experience at her design studio at #46 Castle Street, Bangalore. Explore her styles online at:

Whether you’re looking for designer dresses for women, festival wear, wedding lehengas, wedding party clothes,  or the perfect dress for a wedding party, Rukinder Kumar’s collections offer something for every special occasion.

Rukinder Kumar | Fawn24 Design Studio is a testament to the spirit of women entrepreneurs and the Make in India initiative. The brand’s commitment to luxury and premium fashion is evident in every piece, from evening gowns to designer sarees and from festive wear to wedding lehengas. With a focus on creating high-quality, handcrafted pieces, Rukinder Kumar celebrates the richness of Indian tradition with a global appeal.

Explore Rukinder Kumar’s explorations of style at

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