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At IIFA 2023, A.R. Rahman Responds To Naatu Naatu's Global Recognition

By winning this year's Oscar, RRR's Naatu Naatu made history. A.R. Rahman, a musical legend who recently attended the IIFA Awards event, responded to the situation on the red carpet. He was questioned on the Oscar victory of Naatu Naatu and how popular Indian music is throughout the world.

The artist then told ANI, “It's fantastic. We ought to maintain the momentum.Many other nations have international singers and they keep up with it. And it is absolutely crucial. All of the participating artists should continue their efforts and fly our flag proudly.

I believe it's always been there,” he said when asked how much the music industry has evolved in our nation. You've probably heard Russian versions of songs by Raj Kapoor.However, I believe that more might have been done to improve the situation.

He was asked whether he had a favorite Indian singer to end on. There are a lot of talented vocalists in India, and they are creating their own unique material, Rahman said with a grin. They don't imitate anybody; they have their own unique individuality. I believe that the time has arrived for mental empowerment. There is a lovely new era.

Rahman said to News18 that it was difficult to get beyond this prejudice even when Naatu Naatu was nominated for an Oscar in 2023. They did an outstanding job. This really occurred, which is a major accomplishment. People are not embarrassed to dance to Telugu or Indian music. Continually, this need to take place in every sector. It will be fantastic when we rise to leadership positions. Composer MM Keeravani is underappreciated. He has worked for 35 years and wants to retire, I told my kids. His career then began. I hope RRR receives the Oscar.

One of the most well-known and respected composers in Indian cinema, notably in Bollywood and Tamil films, is A.R. Rahman. Rahman is renowned for his avant-garde approach to music, and his work is available in a variety of languages and genres.

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