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The modern alchemist connecting the definition of freedom of expression with social media : Rushikesh More

The importance of social media is increasing in the current era. Different leading companies are working in social media sector in Maharashtra. The company that reaches the maximum number of people while working in this social media field is considered the best. Along with great design, content is also important, but close to both is reaching the maximum number of people.

The success of social media can be compared to reaching maximum number of people or getting likes or comments of an advertisement on numerous platforms like Facebook Telegram Instagram WhatsApp YouTube Twitter.

Basic Personal information :

Rushikesh More hails from a village in Azra taluka of Kolhapur district.

He did his schooling and college education in Azra. He completed his engineering diploma in the field of mechanical engineering and came to Pune at the age of twenty for industrial business. From childhood, he used to be active on Facebook or YouTube and Google. Then he studied intensively and after that he decided to make his career in this.

He studied deeply how to get maximum number of posts or videos and through the same he came up with the idea that social media can also become an industry. He started from a small room in Pune. Today he has his own office in Kothrud Pune

Business Information :

Rushikesh More has many groups or pages or channels on Facebook YouTube as well as Instagram.

More than 130 groups on Facebook, more than 40 channels on Youtube, many pages on Instagram too, each page or channel has one lakh or one million or five lakh followers. Through all this, he has a follower base of nearly five crores. To give an example, his Facebook page Gavran wadal has one million followers.

Due to this, if any post or video that comes to them gets social media work, then it is considered as the leading company in Maharashtra with social media cups for excellent design or content and then virality.

If their viral video or any post is accessed from all pages, the project reaches almost 10 lakh people in 24 hours.

Rushikesh More handles the original accounts of many politicians including many ministers and MLAs. They have access to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Rushikesh More also does social media marketing for many small and big entrepreneurs.

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